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Nagkakaisang Alyansang Makabansa | The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) is a political multi-party electoral alliance in the Philippines.

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FIL (Tagalog): Ang United Nationalist Alliance o UNA ay isang partidong pulitikal sa Pilipinas. pinagmulan ENG: The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) is a political multi-party electoral alliance in the Philippines. It replaced the former United Opposition (UNO) coalition for the upcoming 2013 midterm elections and the 2016 presidential elections. The acronym "UNA" is a play on words on "una", which is Tagalog for "first"; compare to "UNO" which translates into the number "one" in Spanish. President: Jejomar Binay Chairman: Joseph Estrada Secretary-General: Toby Tiangco Founded: 2012 Ideology: Populism source 2013-07-22
para33contra   I support United Nationalist Alliance! From my point of view it is quite good and reliable political party., positive
para33contra   I am strongly opposed. United Nationalist Alliance is quite bad choice. This party simply can not be trusted!, negative
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UNA's posturing in both chambers of Congress defended

MANILA, Philippines - Acting Senate president Jinggoy Estrada and party-mate Senator-elect Nancy Binay yesterday defended the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) over its different posturing in the Senate and House of Representatives. Estrada and Binay have been preparing for their roles as part of the so-called constructive opposition, comprising the minority bloc in the Senate, when the 16th Congress convenes on July 22. However, the UNA congressmen in the House are gearing up to be part of the majority. Binay’s sister, Makati City Rep. Abigail Binay, disclosed that the UNA bloc ...

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