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Partido ng Pambansang Pagkakaisa | National Unity Party (NUP) is a political party in the Philippines.

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ENG: National Unity Party (NUP) is a political party in the Philippines. The party was formed by former members of the Lakas Kampi CMD who broke away after internal discontent within the party. The party is part of the Liberal-led coalition in the House of Representatives. The party was accredited by the Commission of Elections as a national party in a resolution dated October 5, 2011. On September 26, 2012, the party held its first national convention, and they support the Team PNoy in the upcoming 2013 elections, however most NUP members are supporting the United Nationalist Alliance specially Garcia. President: Rodolfo Antonino Chairman: Pablo P. Garcia Secretary-General: Roger Mercado Founded: February 4, 2011 Split from: Lakas Kampi CMD Ideology: Christian democracy, ...
para33contra   I support National Unity Party! From my point of view it is quite good and reliable political party., positive
para33contra   I am strongly opposed. National Unity Party is quite bad choice. This party simply can not be trusted!, negative
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