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John McCain

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The senior United States Senator from Arizona, serving since 1987.
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McCain unhappy with Obama's Iraq pick

President Barack Obama should reconsider his choice of veteran diplomat Christopher Hill as US ambassador to Iraq because he lacks Middle East and counter-terrorism experience, two US senators said Thursday.Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham said in a joint statement that they have "real concerns" about Obama's decision to nominate Hill, best known for his North Korea nuclear work, as chief envoy to Baghdad."The next ambassador should have experience in the Middle East and in working closely with the US military in counterinsurgency or counterterrorism operations. Mr Hill has ...

John McCain does not want Obama to fail

After a losing presidential campaign in 2000, John McCain came back to the Senate and established himself as a force no White House could ignore. Eight years later, he’s home from defeat again, facing a very different landscape dominated by President Barack Obama and the collapsing American economy.From Afghanistan and Iraq to military procurement reform, McCain tells POLITICO he is already working with Obama. Last week alone, he had breakfast with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, appeared with the president at a White House press event and took a phone call from Vice President Joe Biden ...

McCain: Afghanistan situation will get harder

Sen. John McCain said Sunday that the situation in Afghanistan will get more difficult before it gets easier _ "just like the surge in Iraq was" _ as the U.S. prepares to pour thousands more troops into the country, including on the doorsteps of Kabul.The former Republican presidential candidate, who is to report back to President-elect Barack Obama, visited the southern province of Helmand, where he said NATO forces are at a stalemate with insurgents. Though Helmand has for years been the responsibility of British forces, McCain said the U.S. will focus more on the region _ the heartland of ...

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