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Hu Jintao

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曾經是中华人民共和国的主要领导人之一,中国共产党第四代最高领导人。 / Former leader of the fourth generation of leadership of the Communist Party of China.
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按一下,如果你不支持胡总书记。说为什么。 / Click, if you do not support Jintao Hu. Say why.

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中文简介:胡锦涛(1942年12月21日-),祖籍安徽绩溪,出生于江苏省泰縣(今江苏省泰州市姜堰区),曾經是中华人民共和国的主要领导人之一,中国共产党第四代最高领导人。 前任第十六届、第十七届中国共产党中央委员会总书记(2002年-2012年)、中国共产党中央军事委员会主席(2004年-2012年),前任中华人民共和国主席 (2003-2013年)、中华人民共和国中央军事委员会主席 (2005-2013),中央国家安全领导小组、中央外事工作领导小组与中央对台工作领导小组组长。此外,中国共产党称呼第四代的中央领导集体为“以胡锦涛同志为总书记的党中央”。 生平 - ...
para1contra   Wen Jiabao has declared that the effects of the world economic crisis on China have been "worse than expected", 123
para1contra   The combination of tougher regulations, weakening exports, rising costs and a stronger Chinese currency has hammered thousands of small factories., spetr
para1contra   The emerging markets and developing countries are confronted with financial risks, weak foreign demand and mounting inflation" said Hu Jintao, spetr
para2contra   Free Tibet!, SEPP
para2contra   President Hu Jintao Monday stressed the necessity to promote development and stability in Tibet when joining a discussion with legislators from the Tibet Autonomous Region., taktek
para1contra   Hu Jintao quote: “We hope to see European Union plays a more important role on issues pertaining to Europe and the world as a whole", taktek
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3月7日,北京人民大会堂东大厅。中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席胡锦涛在参加广东代表团审议前,亲切会见了广东代表团女代表。 总书记的“批评”很快传遍了格力电器,令四万员工欢欣鼓舞。格力电器董事长朱江洪告诉记者:“总书记对我们产品的评价,是对格力电器18年坚持专业化道路的首肯,格力电器将一如既往实施自主创新和精品战略,为全世界的消费者提供一流的空调产品。” 自主创 ...

The Tibet Riots: Hu Jintao is the Biggest Loser

President Hu Jintao and his “Tibet Faction” have turned out to be the biggest losers in the wake of the most horrendous disturbances in Tibet and adjacent provinces since the 1959 Tibet Insurrection. By Sunday, March 16, more than 10,000 lamas and other Tibetans had staged rallies and demonstrations – and clashed with Chinese police, soldiers and People’s Armed Police (PAP) officers in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) and the nearby provinces of Qinghai, Sichuan and Gansu. The Xinhua News Agency and Hong Kong newspapers have quoted authorities, including the Mayor of ...

Economic crisis deepening: China's Hu

The impact of the economic crisis is deepening and will hit developing nations particularly hard, Chinese President Hu Jintao warned on Monday as he embarked on the final leg of a tour of Africa.A day after inking deals worth more than 20 million dollars in Tanzania, Hu called on rich nations to help African countries cope with the downturn before flying to Mauritius, the last stop on a four-nation trip to the continent."The impact of the crisis on economies around the world is still deepening and its grave consequences will be felt more in the days to come," he said in a speech at a town hall ...

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分析:胡锦涛布局常委职务将是胡春华最佳奖励 - NTDTV
NTDTV分析:胡锦涛布局常委职务将是胡春华最佳奖励NTDTV【新唐人2016年02月10日讯】(新唐人记者钟离述综合报导)随着中共广东省委书记胡春华网上给民众拜年的文字被关注,其未来的政治仕途再成外界热议焦点。有分析称,胡春华目前的职务是胡锦涛退位前布局的一部分,未来进入 ...北京观察:翻版“胡锦涛”多维新闻网all 5 news articles »
温家宝签名曾在胡锦涛之前习近平改武警架构 - 大纪元
温家宝签名曾在胡锦涛之前习近平改武警架构大纪元因此,在以往涉及武警的文件法律签发时,国务院总理温家宝列名军委主席胡锦涛之前,并不因为二人党内地位而改变。“十八大”之后,一改往昔做法,军委主席列名总理之前。 今次军改在部署武警改革时,首要一条就强调,要强化 ...
It's time for another 'Nixon-in-China' moment - gulfnews.com
gulfnews.comIt's time for another 'Nixon-in-China' momentgulfnews.com... president Bill Clinton's fault for naively negotiating the Agreed Framework directly with Pyongyang, South Korea's liberal presidents for flooding North Korea with cash during the “Sunshine Policy” decade, and former Chinese president Hu Jintao and ...and more »
Brother of Hu Jintao's former aide said to reveal state secrets to US - China Economic Review
Brother of Hu Jintao's former aide said to reveal state secrets to USChina Economic ReviewLing Wancheng, brother of the former chief of staff to President Hu Jintao, Ling Jinhua, is under interrogation by US intelligence agencies and has already revealed state secrets including China's procedures for launching nuclear weapons, details on ...

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