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Capitalism versus Socialism

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an economic system in which capital goods are owned, operated and traded by private individuals, businesses, or corp. for the purpose of profit


an economic system in which capital goods are in state or collective ownership and administration

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para16contra   Why should we have to choose one of the other? How about providing a choice of a mixed economy?, allenbarton
para13contra   Socialism is the start of a dictatorship. Just ask Germany., robufo2000
para6contra   It is time to end Republic of/by/for the wealthy few!We the people must gain legal rule & control over money/business/govt under a true direct daily Democracy.Citizen control only, Wirewilly
para4contra   Asi by to chtelo vymyslet neco jineho nez kapitalismus ci socialismus - neco mezi tim! :-), pibi
para1contra   They loves the War!, SEPP
para1contra   Hlasuju pro kapitalizmus. at se kazdej postara sam o sebe a od nikoho nic neocekava.zijeme kazdej vlastni zivot, dimitrij
para13contra   There are different forms of socialism - I vote for market socialism with worker management but not central planning., allenbarton
para2contra   Socialism is evil. Hitler proved that. Karl marx was a fascist tyrant and so are his worshippers., robufo2000
para1contra   See what they have done!, SEPP
para1contra   socialism vs communism or socialism vs capitalism, what is in the definiton difference? to me all is one, kvaska
para1contra   700 Merrill Lynch employees earned more than a million dollars last year, even though the company lost $27 billion and was forced to be sold to Bank of America, n123
para1contra   It should be clear to everyone that capitalism is neither in harmony with the planet’s ecosystem nor with the search for an egalitarian society., 123
para0contra   Capitalism causes corruption, because people's minds revolve around monetary gain, rather than providing for and bettering the lives of people and society., Adwade

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