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Alexander Lukashenko

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Белая Русь
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Аляксандр Лукашэнка - para

Дзейсны прэзідэнт Рэспублікі Беларусь. | The current President of Belarus, in office since 1994.
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Аляксандр Лукашэнка - contra

Націсніце, калі Вы не падтрымліваеце Лукашэнка. Скажыце чаму. | Click, if you do not support Alexander Lukashenko. Say why.

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BEL: Аляксандар Лукашэнка(нарадзіўся 30 жніўня 1954г., г.п. Копысь, Аршанскі раён, Віцебская вобласць, БССР), дзейсны прэзідэнт Рэспублікі Беларусь (з 1994), галоўнакамандуючы Узброенымі сіламі Рэспублікі Беларусь, узначальвае Савет Бяспекі. Старшыня Вышэйшага савета Саюза Беларусі і Расіі (1997). Прэзідэнт Нацыянальнага алімпійскага камітэта Беларусі (1997). Біяграфія Выхоўваўся без бацькі. Скончыў гістарычны факультэт Магілёўскага ...
para33contra   Я думаю что Alexander Lukashenko это относительно хороший политик. Например, потому что ... (если бы я хотел/а написать, почему он хороший, я бы написал/а это здесь), positive
para33contra   Я не согласен / сна Alexander Lukashenko это плохой выбор. Например, потому что... (если бы я хотел/а написать, почему это плохой выбор, я бы написал/а это здесь), negative
para4contra   Лукашенко это Гитлер и Сталин в одном лице. Разнина только в том, что он до сих пор жив!, amalia
Preferencias actuales
para Аляксандр Лукашэнка

Мартынов: Лукашенко «ни в коем случае» не является диктатором

Министр иностранных дел Беларуси Сергей Мартынов в интервью изданию Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung заявил, что Александр Лукашенко «ни в коем случае не является диктатором». «Наш президент – очень сильная личность», - добавил он. По словам главы белорусского МИД, благодаря главе государства «сегодня мы – экономически ...

Сотрудничество с режимом не только аморально, но и опасно

«Арест Автуховича, Леонова и Осипенко - плевок в лицо официальной Европе и хорошая демонстрация так называемой либерализации», – заявляют белорусские политзаключенные. Бывшие узники совести Александр Козулин, Сергей Парсюкевич и Андрей Ким сделали заявление в связи с повторным арестом по надуманным обвинениям ...

Belarus President Seeks to Deploy Russia Missiles

President Alexander Lukashenko is in talks with Moscow about placing in Belarus advanced Iskander missiles that could hit targets deep inside Europe. The talks raise the ante in the debate over a U.S. plan to deploy missile defense in Europe. They also complicate Western hopes for warmer ties with Belarus, which some in the U.S. and Europe hope could help to counterbalance an increasingly hostile Kremlin.In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Lukashenko said that he would like to see closer relations with the West but that he sympathizes with Russia on two flashpoints that have ...

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'We are not slaves': Europe's most repressive state is re​awakening
Street protests that began with anger at a new tax have Belarus’s authoritarian government in their sights“Basta!” the placards read. “We are not slaves.” These are the most popular slogans brandished at the street protests that have been rippling through Belarus.The trigger for the demonstrations was a presidential decree imposing a tax on people who declare fewer than 183 days of work a year. The underlying cause is general despondency about life in Europe’s most repressive state. Continue reading...
Who'd be an MP in Europe's 'last dictatorship'?
Belarus has Europe’s poorest democratic credentials, but in elections this weekend, a new generation of candidates are talking quietly of changeIn a country nicknamed “Europe’s last dictatorship”, where no one knows the name of their local MP, let alone what they do all day, running for parliament is a curious undertaking.Belarus, where Europe’s longest-serving leader, Alexander Lukashenko, has ruled for 22 years, is to elect a new parliament on Sunday and 37-year-old Andrey Kozik is one of a self-proclaimed new generation of politicians hoping to gain a seat. Related: Belarus president shows how to win five elections – without even trying Continue reading...
Riot police in Belarus attack protesters calling for end to ‘dictatorship’
Crackdown by President Lukashenko follows two months of demonstrations against his 23-year ruleArmed riot police and water cannon were deployed in cities across Belarus and the internet was shut down across the country on a day of protest and human rights marches.People were on Saturday night reported to be still attempting to demonstrate in the capital, Minsk, as well as in Brest and Grodno, on what was the national Freedom Day. There were sporadic outbreaks of violence as masked police closed down key roads and charged at marchers to stop crowds forming. Witnesses claimed it was the most determined crackdown by President Alexander Lukashenko so far in what has been two months of protests and opposition to his 23-year rule. Continue reading...
Outrage as Belarus arrests authors, publishers and journalists in crackdown
Human rights groups call for release of men arrested by security forces at Minsk literature festival, and others held as protests rock authoritarian stateHuman rights organisations have called on Belarusian authorities to drop all charges immediately against writers, publishers and journalists who have been arrested following a wave of nationwide protests.The Committee to Protect Journalists said security forces had detained or otherwise obstructed at least 32 people in recent weeks. It was joined by Pen America in protesting against the arrests. Related: 'We are not slaves': Europe's most repressive state is re​awakening Continue reading...

лукашенко, а. лукашэнка, абране прэзідэнта лукашэнка на другі тэрмін, А.А.Лукашенка, cullison lukashenko, аляксандр лукашэнка размаўляе на беларускай мове, Бияграфия Лукашенки y otros...
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