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Afghanistan war

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foto Afghanistan war - support

Afghanistan war - support

The war began on October 7 2001 as the U.S. military operation was launched in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks
Afghanistan war - against

Afghanistan war - against

Click, if you do not support Afghanistan war. Say why.

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The Democratic Party is beyond hope: We Need a Mass Movement to Demand Radical Progressive Change
By Dave Lindorff            The failure of Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff to capture the vacant House seat left in a suburban Atlanta district by the Trump nomination of Republican Rep. Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services shows the disastrous state of the Democratic Party. read more
Talk Nation Radio: Ray McGovern on Russia and Syria
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Focus: Syria - June 21, 2017
  Note: Some news listed below have not been confirmed.   U.S.-backed Syrian forces close in on Raqqa from south, with the aim of encircling the city - Reuters SDF hundreds of meters from besieging the “Islamic state” in its main stronghold or forcing it to withdraw out of it - SOHR MAP: Military situation Raqqah: There are 800 meters between east and west fronts to completely surround Raqqa city - Berfo كردي on Twitter MAP: Reports SDF have captured the new bridge from ISIS in Raqqa [close to encircle it] - ScienceOfDiscontent on Twitter Islamic State organization continues its fierce fight on the fronts of Al-Raqqah and excludes the option of withdrawing - SOHR VIDEO (English): Video footage shows ferocious fight in Raqqa with several ISIS fighters killed - Kurd Merd on Twitter   VIDEO (French): SDF snipers in Romaniyah targeting an IS position in the Darayeh district with the support of the coalition - CLAUDIA on Twitter &nbs
An anti-war vet in Trumpland: Guns and Religion in a Small Town on Memorial Day
By Michael Uhl   read more

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