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Texas Secession

Texas secession fever: bumper stickers after petition

Texas Secession , Texas Secession 80%

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A new bumper sticker is making its way around Texas. With the word ‘SECEDE’, the sticker has become a hit among those who are angered by Mitt Romney’s loss in the US presidential election.


The $2 stickers, which can be purchased at www.TexasSecede.com, call for a secession from the United States at a time when many are unhappy with the federal government. The sale of these stickers has drastically increased in the past week, the New York Times reported.


A petition calling for the secession from the US has garnered signatures from nearly one million people from all 50 states in the three weeks since President Barack Obama’s re-election. Texas has gathered the most, with 117,373 digital signatures on its position mid-Monday.Each White House position must have at least 25,000 signatures within 30 days of submission in order to draw a comment from the Obama administration.


Read more: RT - http://rt.com/usa/news/texas-secession-bumper-petition-739/ (28 November, 2012)

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