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Rodney Hide

Rodney Hide: Our objective is to make Auckland ...

Rodney Hide 39%

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Everything we are setting out to achieve is geared to a single objective - to make Auckland greater.

We are doing this because Auckland ratepayers are sick of their city being paralysed by the woeful inability of eight councils to agree on anything.

This is about improvement and greater efficiency.

This is about what's good for ratepayers. This is about providing a service culture from the people in the ratepayers' pay from the moment the phone is answered.

This is a plan for a city of the future.

There has been a lack of leadership and no single vision for Auckland, but soon its leaders will be able to think regionally, plan strategically and act decisively.

And, lest we forget: In April 1919 Michael Joseph Savage campaigned for the unification of all civic bodies in Auckland into a single municipal government.

And Aucklanders have been complaining ever since; waiting ever since.

Aucklanders have long been complaining about an inadequate transport system and waterfront development amongst others. Feudal bickering has stymied progress for nigh on a century.

Aucklanders have been waiting for someone to fix the problem.

Well, to fix the problem we have done what no Government has been prepared to do for the past one hndred years.

We have been bold, decisive, and yes, radical.




Monday Aug 30, 2010

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