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Quentin Bryce

GG Quentin Bryce dishes out praise for Frankston volunteers

Quentin Bryce 43%

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Distinguished guest: Quentin Bryce opens the Ebdale Community Hub and Learning Centre. Picture: Daryl GordonVOLUNTEERS were singled out for praise when Governor-General Quentin Bryce visited Frankston to open a centre that will be home to several community organisations.


"The social benefits these groups deliver are remarkable," Ms Bryce said.


"The volunteers who support these community groups are the backbone of our country. In this day and age we feel a need to reconnect with one another and the Ebdale Community Hub and Learning Centre will be a place for people of Frankston to come together.


"You can just see what a fantastic facility this is and what a difference it will make."


The centre will be shared by community services including the Frankston Toy Library, Gordon Care, Frankston Council's maternal and child health parent support program and Youth Resource Centre sound recording studio, St John Ambulance, Wallara Day Service life options program and the Frankston Family Day Care Playgroup.




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