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Politicheskaya situatsiya v Uzbekistane

Political reform in Uzbekistan: waiting for a successor…

Politicheskaya situatsiya v Uzbekistane, довольный 46%

Uzbekistan is quite an isolated country; therefore it is often difficult to understand what is happening there. Since the announcement of independence the country has been under the leadership of an authoritarian Islam Karimov. But he is getting older and the recent talks are mostly related to changes in the authorities: who will take over the power of the country?

Islam Karimov


Islam Karimov’s regime is a typical one-man rule political system; therefore it is difficult to predict future of the country after resignation of the almighty leader. In such a situation the search for a reliable successor becomes instrumental. It is not an easy task, since during his reign the “king” tries to eliminate competitors from the political stage. Therefore when the time comes to select a ne. leader, practically there are no candidates. Thus, all steps have to be carefully thought out.


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