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Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela

PSUV in campaign against media terrorism

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The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) is in campaign against media terrorism, said the Vice-president of the Party for Venezuela's northeast, Aristobulo Isturiz. In a press conference, carried out on Monday from the PSUV Headquarter, Isturiz said that the media war imposed by private media outlets is a psychological confrontation trying to wake up an irrational fear on people. “There are systematic campaigns aimed at scaring people, sowing fear, dividing society; the Party has practically declared itself in campaign against media terrorism. We will not accept any kind of blackmails and even less using media like if they were judges,” he said. Isturiz asserted that the United Socialist Party of Venezuela is going to take any measure in order to face media terrorism and to create a collective consciousness. Furthermore, he emphasized that the opposition meeting where it was created a so-called Democratic Unity Group, it is neither democratic nor represents a unity, but it is just a desperate try “because the discredit of [the private television channel] G. obovision.”


Caracas, Jun 8. ABN

source: www.abn.info.ve


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