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Partido Popular

Partido Popular wins the EU election in Spain

Partido Popular 29%

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The difference in the popular vote between the two main parties was 3.7 percent. The Conservative Partido Popular has won the European elections in Spain, obtaining about 3.75% more of the popular vote than the governing Socialist party. It means the Partido Popular will be the largest Spanish group in the EU parliament, with 23 seats, one less than last time, while the Socialist party loses four seats to 21 seats. The result comes with a low turnout, slightly higher than the last EU elections, at 46% just over one point higher than five years ago, and slightly higher also than the average number seen across Europe, but the turnout must still be considered low in Spanish terms. The Partido Popular can be happy with its win, and the pressure on the leadership of Mariano Rajoy is lifted, at least for now, but only the party diehards will really celebrate the fact that their share of the vote has increased by a single percent since 2004, from 41.21% to 42.24%. The Government can also take heart from the fact that their defeat was no greater, with a 5% fall in the vote and the loss of four seats, comparatively firm despite the economic crisis which has hit all the governments across Europe in the poll.



Jun 7, 2009 - 11:01 PM

source: www.typicallyspanish.com


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