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Lousiana Secession

Is it possible for Louisiana to secede?

Lousiana Secession , Lousiana Secession 50%

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A new petition circulating on-line is grabbing a lot of attention, good and bad. You may have seen it, and it's no joke, a petition to allow Louisiana to be peacefully removed from the Union. But is it even possible?


More than 10,000 people have already signed the petition asking the White House to allow Louisiana to peacefully withdraw from the United States and create their own government.


"The election didn't turn out the way a lot of people would have liked it to have turned out," said KATC Political Analyst Pearson Cross. "Had Mitt Romney been elected, we wouldn't have necessarily seen these petitions. You take these thin. s with a grain of salt, the state of Louisiana is not asking to secede from the Union."


By Erin Steuber


Read more: KATC.COM - http://www.katc.com/news/is-it-possible-for-louisiana-to-secede-/ (Nov 11, 2012)

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