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Laura Chinchilla Miranda

Laura Chinchilla Said She Had Set Out To Win

Laura Chinchilla Miranda 47%

Laura Chinchilla Miranda, the first woman presidential candidate and possible the first woman president is she is elected in February.


After months of campaigning, for Laura Chinchilla, Monday was the first day as leader of the Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN), after obtaining the party's support on Sunday.

Laura said yesterday that she is now focused on uniting and readying the party for the February 2010 elections where she could become the first woman president of Costa Rica.

The PLN leader skirted questions about her rivals, Ottón Solís, of the Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC) and Rafael Ángel Calderón, of the Partido Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC).

Laura said that she woke up Monday morning with two strong feelings, one of utter satisfaction and gratitude for the results of the day earlier, and the second, an overwhelming feeling of the many tasks ahead of her.

For Chinchilla, she knew that she would win the vote on Sunday. She said she put her name on the candidate's list to win and win she did, obtaining almost 55% of the popular vote, 11 points ahead of rival, San Jose mayor, Johnny Araya.

Chinchilla said that she knew on Friday that Sunday's vote would go in her favour and now she faces the task of winning the presidential nod in February.

Of her opponents, she says she has the greatest respect for Solís and Calderón - who i in the middle of a corruption and embezzlement trial that he had expected to have ended and won by now - is just another contender.


Original source: Inside Costa Rica - 09 June 2009

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