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Labor unions in the United States

Unions hit Romney on equal pay

Labor unions in the United States 46%

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Unions hit Romney on equal payWASHINGTON - A Senate vote on equal pay for equal work for women was blocked by a Republican minority today. Just days before the Paycheck Fairness Act went down to GOP-fillibuster defeat, the steelworkers union and the Teamsters had challenged GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney to back the legislation.


Steelworkers President Leo Gerard and Teamsters President James Hoffa spoke out for the legislation, pushed by a coalition of Democratic senators led by Barbara Mikulski, D-Md. The Paycheck Fairness Act would make it illegal for firms to discipline or fire workers who ask about pay. Other unions, their allies, and the Coalition of Labor Union Women are waging a national call-your-senators drive in advance of the vote.


The bill also would impose triple damages in pay discrimination cases and would narrow the "business necessity" reasons firms use to discriminate in pay by gender.


"In this environment, when more hard-working women are the sole wage-earners for their families, it is particularly vital we provide them with very tool to fight discrimination by their employers," said Gerard.


By: Mark Gruenberg 


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