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Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan gives bleak assessment of Syrian peace plan

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Kofi Annan, the main architect of the Syria peace plan, said Tuesday that his monitors had recorded a slight improvement there since the cease-fire’s nominal start nearly four weeks ago. But he gave an otherwise bleak assessment, beseeching combatants on both sides to put down their weapons and acknowledging that his effort could fail.


In a private briefing for the UN Security Council and at a later news conference, Annan, the former secretary general appointed as special representative for the United Nations and Arab League, said the arrival later this month of the full contingent of 300 cease-fire monitors could further diminish the violence in Syria.


“I believe their presence will make quite a difference,’’ Annan told reporters in Geneva at the news conference. Even the relatively few numbers of observers that have gone on patrol in Syria so far, he said, “have had a calming effect.’’


But Annan also made it clear that the Syrian authorities had yet to fully implement any of the six points in his peace plan and that the “level of violence and abuses are unacceptable.’’


By Rick Gladstone 


Read more: The Boston Globe (May 09, 2012) 

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