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Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop applauds deepening military ties

Julie Bishop 55%

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Deputy Opposition Leader and Opposition spokesman for foreign affairs and trade Julie Bishop says today's announcement of greater US military activities in Australia is one all Australia should welcome.


STEVE CANNANE, PRESENTER: In Canberra, I'm joined by the Deputy Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Julie Bishop.

Julie Bishop, thanks for talking to us.


STEVE CANNANE: What's your reaction to the announcement this afternoon that there'll soon be 2,500 strong marine taskforce on Australian soil and also that our air bases will be used increasingly by US Air Force?

JULIE BISHOP: We welcome this announcement. Over the past decade, particularly since September 11, the security and intelligence co-operation between Australia and the United States has strengthened and now this enhanced military access to our Defence bases completes that intense and deepening of our relaionship. And I believe it is in Australia's national interest, it will certainly enhance our security position and it will build capacity in Australia.


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