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Joe Oliver

Minister Joe Oliver admits he didn’t ‘know very much’ about energy projects

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OTTAWA—Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver told government officials — six months after he was on the job — that he did not “know very much” about energy projects and needed briefings so he could talk “knowledgeably” about the subject, internal emails have revealed. The internal records also reveal he disagreed with the “full thrust” of comments from former environment minister Jim Prentice about cleaning up the oilsands industry. The release of the documents, obtained by Postmedia News through access to information legislation, had one opposition critic questioning whether Oliver, a Toronto MP and the lead federal minister on energy issues, was on top of his portfolio. Oliver’s office said Wednesday the minister gets regular briefings and that the emails “speak for themselves.” It also added that the government was committed to “responsible development of Canada’s resources to create jobs.”



By Mike De Souza

November 1, 2012

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