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Induced abortion

NARAL Denies Abortion Increases Pre-Term Birth Risk for Wome

Induced abortion , FOR 64%

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A new sex education curriculum in North Carolina has NARAL Pro-Choice America up in arms.


A bill has been proposed to establish a new curriculum for sex education classes in North Carolina schools. S132, which can be found here, sets guidelines for teachers. Along with requiring students to learn about first aid, nutrition, and drug abuse prevention, the bill requires that students be told that having an abortion can increase the risk of pre-term birth in a subsequent pregnancy. NARAL has mobilized its supporters to oppose allowing student to hear about this risk, denying that it exists.


According to their website:

This bill calls for changes to our school’s health curriculum that have nothing to do with protecting our children’s health, and everything to do with spreading misinformation and stigmatizing abortion[.] … This bill is insulting and endangering. It forces teachers to lie to students. Young people need facts about. their health – not political propaganda.


by Sarah Terzo


Read more: LifeNews.com (3/8/13)

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