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George W. Bush

Bringing former US president George W. Bush before the court

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US citizen Anthony Keyter has written a letter to Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin asking him for help bringing former US president George W. Bush before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, Lenta.ru reports. Churkin is currently the chairman of the UN Security Council. Keyter brought a case against the former US president, as well as former attorney general Alberto Gonzalez and former CIA director Robert Mueller, in the ICC previously, but the case was rejected because the United States does not recognize the court.

Keyter holds that the methods used to question terrorist suspects during the former US administration amount to torture.

Keyter has filed a number of suits in connection with the alleged human rights violations. Accord. ng to his website, Keyter has sued Bush, Sen. John McCain, former attorney general John Ashcroft, former vice president Dick Cheney and “230 Government Officers” in US district courts.


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