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Evita Perón

Maria Eva Duarte de Peron

Evita Perón 61%

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Eva Peron was one of the most powerful women of our time. From a poverty stricken, illegitimate child to the First Lady of Argentina, Evita traveled a long road. Loved passionately and hated equally as strongly, there are many myths and legends surrounding this woman. From the power she wielded during her life to her legacy that is still living , Eva was indeed a remarkable woman. Described as the ŇCinderella of ArgentinaÓ, Eva did indeed make all her dreams come true.


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Eva PorónEva Peron put on quite a facade to the world while she was first lady. Over one hundred furs, a wardrobe full of new Christian Dior dresses, a jewelry collection comparable to that of CleopatraŐs, and her full acting spirit shrouded Evita in mystery.

Eva was loved by many throughout her life. Although the focus is generally on her worship of Juan Peron, it is said that he worshiped her equally. And the stories of how she was loved by her descamisados, or the shirtless ones, are infamous. The poor people loved her as their famous first lady, who built homes, hospitals, schools, and found jobs for thousands of Argentineans. She organized the Eva Peron Foundation, the Peronista Feminist Party, and gave women the right to vote. She won devoted fans for both her and her husband while she was in power.

Juan Peron was becoming such a dictator that soon he needed EvaŐs help in keeping the people loyal to him. Although fearful of many of PeronŐs ideas, they were so willing to follow their Evita, that Peron remained in power. During PeronŐs re-election rally in 1951, more than a million people stood calling for Eva until she accepted the nomination of vice president under Peron.

After EvaŐs death, the people remained just as loyal to her, although they quickly grew tired of Peron. The entire country mourned her death, and she is still celebrated as one of the best leaders of Argentina the poor have ever known.

Evita PerónDespite how readily the poor of Argentina welcomed Eva as president, the higher social classes despised her. On a trip to Europe soon after becoming first lady, the pope denied her a title while in the Vatican. Several days later, on the same trip, the British royalty publicly refused to receive her in Buckingham palace. She was even insulted by the United States when Time magazine printed that she was an Ňillegitimate childÓ, for which the magazine was banned in Argentina for four months.

Even in her own country, the higher classes opposed Evita. The Sociedad de Beneficencia, the group of aging social women who were in charge of Argentinean charities, was in the habit of making the first lady the honorary president. Eva did not receive this position, however, because the women claimed she had Ňslept her way to powerÓ. In retaliation, Eva cut the societies funding.

When Eva was popularly nominated for vice president by the people in 1951, she was ecstatic. The army, however, was not. PeronŐs fellow officers had never agreed with the idea of a woman being as active as Eva in the politics of the country. Faced with the possibility that Eva would become the commander in chief of the army should something happen to Peron while Eva was holding the vice presidency, the army threatened to revolt. Peron told Eva to step down. As an illegitimate child, and mistress before wife of Peron, the beloved leader of the pe. ple of Argentina was never the less powerless against the people of the social status she could never truly claim.


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