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Degel HaTorah

Moshe Gafni - How dare you! | Dov Lipman

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t is almost impossible to believe that I am reading these words.  But, here they are:


(Moshe) Gafne (head of the ultra-Orthodox Degel Hatorah party)addressed the bar association’s annual gathering in an Eilat hotel, defending the chareidi tzibur against the recent accusation of gender discrimination and more. Gafne told participants that accusations against the chareidi tzibur were unjustifiable

“For I do not know anyone who spits at 12-year-old girls as was the case in Beit Shemesh. Yair Lapid arranged it, and a week later he announced his entry into politics. Chareidim did not spit on the 12-year-old girl. It was an individual”.

These comments were made on Sunday.  Mr. Gafni – how dare you!

The nerve that this man has.  The people who lived with the Orot girls saga for months have put that story to rest.  But the leader of an ultra-Orthodox party that was silent throughout the entire saga not only brings it up but has the nerve to say that it was made up? 


The guilt that he feels as an ultra-Orthodox leader is quite apparent.  Yes, Mr. Gafni, it was Haredim who carried out these horrible acts.  They are a small minority of extremists and most Haredim would never do these things.  But, yes, you, Mr. Gafni are guilty.  The isolation and fundamentalist lifestyles which you and your party have been advocating for years is what leads to this extremism.

Furthermore, during the four months of the Orot ordeal, not one word of condemnation could be heard from anyone at Degel HaTorah.  Once we made it national news, they said “of course we have been condemning it all along and why is everyone attacking us?”  The silence througout the ordeal implicates them in this and other acts of extremism and hatred and the time has come for them to wake up and join the rest of the Jewish peopl. on all levels.




May 23, 2012

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