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Daniel Paillé

Bloc leader doesn’t regret rebuking Maclean’s over Quebec corruption

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You might have read Jonathan Kay’s apology to Maclean’s in today’s National Post. He wasn’t apologizing on his own behalf; rather, the headline atop his piece apologized on the entire country’s behalf. Kay details a number of startling revelations at the Charbonneau Commission, the ongoing inquiry into corruption in the province of Quebec. He then mused about how Quebec’s problem might compare to the rest of Canada.

There is no reliable metric for measuring corruption province by province. But the disclosures at the Charbonneau Commission suggest that the culture of thick-cash-envelopes is alive and well in Quebec — in a way that has no similarly prevalent counterpart elsewhere in the country.

You might remember a Maclean’s cover story, written by Martin Patriquin in 2010, that labelled Quebec the most corrupt province in the land. Kay, for his part, thinks Patriquin’s piece actually “understated Quebec’s problems,” and he reiterated his dismay at a motion unanimously passed by the House of Commons, without debate, that expres. ed its “profound sadness” at the cover story.




by Nick Taylor-Vaisey

October 31, 2012

Read more: http://www2.macleans.ca/2012/10/31/bloc-leader-doesnt-regret-rebuking-macleans-over-quebec-corruption/


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