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Daniel Ortega Saavedra

Daniel Ortega: In Cuba Democracy does not divide the People

Daniel Ortega Saavedra 54%

There’s democracy in Cuba and it doesn’t divide the people, affirmed Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, during his appearance on the Special Round Table aired on Wednesday by Cuban radio and TV.


He indicated that is necessary to know Cuban democracy and compared it to that imposed on other peoples, which creates division and even wars; these are the Empire’s guidelines. However, the Caribbean archipelago has a model that doesn’t divide its citizens. The multiparty system, said the Nicaraguan head of state, is nothing but a way of disintegrating and dividing nations and peoples. It’s in these campaigns, he emphasized, where big money plays a predominant role and the campaigns imposed by the West. While talking about the Summit of The Americas, Ortega made reference to the address of Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa, who was very profound in his analysis when emphasizing that elections are not democracy. Then he spoke about the “censored” Summit, where photographs made the headlines. He told how journalists kept abreast of presidential greetings, far from what the 5th Summit of The Americas actually represented.


President Daniel Ortega defended the criterion that the United States hasn’t changed, that Barack Obama is trapped in the past, in the model of an Empire that is expansionist by nature, and that also defends the policies of hegemony. We’re in the presence of a US President that maintains troops in Iraq and is strengthening the forces in Afghanistan. We have a US President trapped in the past, when Washington’s economic, financial and commercial blockade of Cuba is almost fifty years old. Ortega pointed out that it was clear to him that Obama’s response is that of a person is still trapped in the past, in the way he explains why the blockade of Cuba can’t be lifted and that the archipelago should be grateful for certain concessions he has been approving.


It’s a process, and other anniversaries will also be celebrated, like the 10th of the Bolivarian Revolution and the 30th of the Iranian Revolution. We have many important dates this year, which we’re proud of, said Daniel Ortega, and we’ll also be celebrating this 30th anniversary with the eradication of illiteracy in our country. We’re waging this battle with the support of Cuba and the cooperation of other parts of the world; we managed to reduce illiteracy to 12%. It wasn’t possible to take it to zero, he said, because the war didn’t allow us to do so. Now, we’ll wage this new battle also with the support of Cuba and its ‘Yes I Can’ Literacy Teaching Method, and also with the help of the Venezuelan people. The name of the Literacy Campaign is ‘From Martí to Fidel’, he emphasized, and we’re planning to have a good part of the Pacific area free of illiteracy by July 19 –part of the central population.

Daniel Ortega also added that the Misquitos will also be taught how to read and write; the people native to the area of South Atlantic and others, although he said that an extraordinary effort is being made. Another great battle for the health of the people is being waged, by way of Operation Miracle, a Venezuelan-Cuban project aimed at helping people of scant resources recover their vision, said Ortega.


May 14, 2007

AIN Photo/Marcelino Vazquez Hernandez

source: www.cubanews.ain.cu


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