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Cynthia McKinney

Green Party urges action to stop war on Africa

Cynthia McKinney 52%

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The Georgia Green Party urges Greens and the broader Atlanta community to participate in a rally organized for April 9th at the Richard B. Russell Federal Courthouse demanding an end to U.S. armed aggression against the people and nation of Libya.

In a statement issued on Monday, the 2008 Presidential nominee of the Green Party of the United States, Cynthia McKinney, who served six terms in Congress for Georgia's 11th and 4th Districts, denounced the Obama Administration's war against the people of Libya. She stated "Mr. Gaddafi to this day continues to assist Black political organizations in an effort to keep people of African descent able to exercise their right of self-determination."

 Her widely republished statement clearly draws the links between U.S. aggression in Libya and U.S. corporate interests in controll. ng oil, building military bases and advancing the PNAC (The Project for a New American Century) formulated foreign policy aims for Israel and U.S. tax dollars. Georgiagreenparty.org



Source: PressTV

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