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Bobby Jindal

Jindal staying out of Louisiana elections

Bobby Jindal 49%

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BATON ROUGE, La. -- In a political season loud with television commercials, Gov. Bobby Jindal has remained curiously quiet in Louisiana's races.

In Louisiana's biggest race, a sitting Louisiana Congressman, Democrat Charlie Melancon, is challenging the sitting Republican Senator, David Vitter.

The Republican governor, though, has not endorsed Vitter.

"It's politics," WWL-TV Political Analyst Clancy DuBos said Monday, "and there's a little bit of personal tension between Vitter and Jindal."

According to DuBos, that tension dates back until at least summer 2007, when Vitter's scandal with a prostitute went public. At that point, many Republicans statewide lined up to wholeheartedly back David Vitter. Bobby Jindal didn't.

"Despite what he says, Governor Jindal wants to go national," DuBos said. "He doesn't want to carry any of David Vitter's baggage."

When asked about Tuesday's election, Jindal railed against government spending and said, "I think what's at stake in this election is the American Dream."

Yet, with stakes that high, Jindal hasn't endorsed any Louisiana candidates.

"It is very unusual for a sitting Republican governor to not endorse any Republicans," DuBos said. "I mean, what's wrong with Jay Dardenne? There's no scandals in his past."

Dardenne, the current Republican secretary of state, is facing Democratic attorney Caroline Fayard of Denham Springs to fill the remainder of Mitch Landrieu's term as Louisiana lieutenant governor.

"We don't get involved in every election cycle," Jindal said. "We didn't choose to get involved in the elections in Louisiana this cycle, but I do strongly encourage people to vote. I think Louisiana voters are smart enough to make up their own minds, and I've said that even during elections when I have made endorsements. I don't think endorsements win elections or lose elections."



By Doug Mouton / . orthshore Bureau Chief



November 1, 2010

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