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Bobby Jindal

Jindal awards LaSalle Parish LGAP grants

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Governor Bobby Jindal was in LaSalle Parish last Sunday to speak at the First Baptist Church in Tullos and to award Local Government Assistance Program (LGAP) grants to local communities.

Following Gov. Jindal delivering his personal testimony during services Sunday morning at the Tullos First Baptist Church, a reception was held at the Recreation Center in Urania for area elected officials.

During that reception, Jindal awarded LGAP grants totaling $151,831 to LaSalle Parish communities that will go towards infrastructure improvements.

Gov. Jindal awarded the funds to local officials in a ceremonial check presentation during an event at the Recreation Center in Urania Sunday afternoon. Assisting the Governor in awarding the grants was State Senator Neil Riser of Columbia. Unable to attend the ceremony was State Representative Billy Chandler of Dry Prong. Riser and Chandler were instrumental in helping secure the grants for LaSalle Parish.

“Our rural communities are awarded these competitive grants to make critical infrastructure improvements which will better the lives of our citizens,” Governor Jindal said during the ceremony.

Officials from the LaSalle Parish Police Jury and all four municipalities were on hand for the presentation of the awards.

The Governor awarded the following LGAP grants to La- Salle Parish:

* The Town of Jena received an $11,000 grant to purchase a utility truck for public works.

* The Town of Jena received a $21,000 grant to purchase a police vehicle and accessories for the Jena Police Department.

* The Town of Olla received a $17,000 grant to purchase mowing equipment for public works.

* The Town of Olla received a $15,000 grant to construct a building for town equipment.

* The Town of Urania received a $22,000 grant for the police unit and accessories for the Urania Police Department.

* The Town of Tullos received a $22,000 grant for a waterline re-location project.

* The LaSalle Parish Police Jury received a $33,831 grant for renovations to the Jena fair barn.

* The LaSalle Parish Police Jury received a $10,000 grant to purchase a building and equipment for the LaSalle Council on Aging.

LGAP is managed by the Office of Community Development through Division of Administration and provides funding to local governments for a variety of needed infrastructure projects and longterm capital improvements in rural areas.

The program is designed to fill gaps where there are no federal or other state funds available to assist local governments with their high priority needs. Priority is given to those projects, which id. ntify and resolve basic human health, safety needs or quality of life concerns of citizens.



November 3, 2010

Source: www.thejenatimes.net


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