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Barnaby Joyce

Joyce pledge to save rural communities from ruin

Barnaby Joyce 17%

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Barnaby Joyce (left) with almond and rice grower Denis Dinicola and Nationals member for the Riverina Michael McCormack. Photo: The Land  Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/joyce-pledge-to-save-rural-communities-from-ruin-20111129-1o5a2.html#ixzz1g20mCP8xSHADOW water minister Barnaby Joyce says the Coalition stands ready to deal with the government over the Murray-Darling rescue plan, but warns he will walk away if the plan means the destruction of rural communities.


Visiting the NSW town of Griffith - the centre of irrigators' anger over the plan - Senator Joyce told The Age he was happy for the Greens to ''deal themselves out'' by rejecting the plan. But he insisted the Coalition would stay at the table.


Residents of the Murrumbidgee regional centre vented anger in a meeting yesterday to discuss the plan, arguing that environmentalists and city dwellers did not understandthe plight of farmers.


David Wroe, Griffith


Read more: smh (November 30, 2011)

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