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The Forum calls on government to prevent Balad-NDA MK from reentering Israel

Balad 41%

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Early last week Nachi Eyal, chairman of the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, called upon the prime minister and the minister of the Interior to prevent MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad-National Democratic Assembly) from reentering Israel.

In a Palestinian Authority Nakba Day assembly in Ramallah, MK Zahalka said that "peace in the land, freedom, independence and coexistence will be possible only with the end of the Zionist hegemony, and not through compromise with it."

In response to those comments, Eyal stated that: "Zahalka is following in the footsteps of former Balad party leader Azmi Bishara who is now living abroad to avoid Israeli charges of treason and espionage, and it is incumbent upon us to prevent any further escalation of words and deeds on MK Zahalka's part. A member of the Knesset can not work towards the destructon of the State of Israel. It would be best if he stayed in Ramallah and joined the Palestinian Authority."



23 May 2010, Jerusalem

Read more: www.haforum.org.il


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