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Alan Stockdale

Alan Stockdale's spray at 'ruthless' Peter Reith stokes...

Alan Stockdale 47%

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... Liberal brawl


THE battle for the federal presidency of the Liberal Party has turned nasty, with incumbent Alan Stockdale accusing his opponent, Howard government minister Peter Reith, of running a "ruthless" public campaign against him that is damaging the party.


In an email sent yesterday to 114 members of the party's federal council, which will decide the presidency on Saturday, Mr Stockdale, who was treasurer of Victoria in the Kennett government, also takes aim at another Howard government minister, Amanda Vanstone, who wrote in support of Mr Reith's candidacy in the Fairfax press yesterday.


Mr Stockdale labels the pair "old warhorse politicians who cannot let go of their media profile and work within the party". Ms Vanstone, who mentioned Mr Stockdale only once in the article, described Mr Reith, who led the Howard government's charge against the unions during the 1998 waterfront dispute, as tough, strong and inclusive.


Imre Salusinszky


Read more: THE AUSTRALIAN (June 21, 2011)

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